The Spirit of Summer Series

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This summer I had to take a digital imaging course and part of what I had to do was create a theme-based series of images. The theme I decided to go with focuses on capturing the “spirit of summer”. There’s two parts to how I planned on achieving this.

This first part was choosing content to shoot that I thought captured the feeling of summer. The second part was the processing of the photos. Being able to look at the finished image and be taken back to an old summertime memory was basically the goal.

For processing I knew I wanted the same sort of “look and feel” that the popular instant filter apps, like Instagram and Hipstamatic, are so good at achieving. It seems like the photography community is rather divided about the likes of Instagram, however. There are those of us who like the instant filter apps and there are those who, to put it nicely, don’t. One of the reasons for the creation Instagram was to polish up the rather poor quality images that mobile phones produced. Of course, mobile phone image quality is rapidly increasing but the instant filter look is its own thing now. Personally I like the nostalgic effect and since I was aiming for nostalgia with this project anyways, it’s a perfect fit. Now, my processing isn’t nearly as strong as some of those instant filters are. Believe me though, it took much longer to adjust things to my liking than just tapping a filter icon and being done with it.

As of now the series consists of the six images I created for the course. I have more plans for this series though and don’t plan on just leaving it as is. Let me know what you think of it! Full screen viewing and prints available in the gallery.

Full screen viewing and prints available in the gallery.

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