Railroad Portraits

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We’ll start with the boring bit first today: these photos were taken on assignment for my Environmental Portraiture class this semester. One had to be done using a reflector and the other with a pocket strobe (aka speedlight, speedlite, flashgun, or whatever you want to call it). Originally I had planned on shooting these assignments on location during our in-class shoot. Nobody was available to come model at the time though, so I didn’t get to photograph anyone. That was a slight problem since we had a critique day coming up soon and I didn’t have any images yet to submit.

So anyway, this is my lovely friend Leah. Thankfully she was available to save me and we went out shooting a few days later. I planned on wandering around downtown for a bit to see what we could get, but we passed by the railroad tracks on the way there and I wanted to try shooting a couple images there. I’m fairly certain that it’s considered trespassing to be on the tracks, so we walked down a ways to try and attract less attention from any passerbys. Pro tip: check with your model first to make sure they’re comfortable with potentially breaking the law. Bonus tip: use a legal age model so you’re not liable for her too if you get arrested. 😉

This first shot was just with the gold side of a reflector and she’s sitting on this mound of dirt/gravel/old rail line timber that was piled up on the side. For processing I went for a film-esque type of look. Click the image to see it bigger.

The second shot here was lit with an unmodified (bare) pocket strobe on a stand a couple of feet from her, off to camera left. Processing-wise I wanted to warm things up quite a bit and really emphasize the golden summerish feel. Click the image to see it bigger.

 Free Nik Recipe Download!

I also ran the second image through Nik Color Efex Pro 4 to help me achieve the look I had in mind and really give it that something extra. I’m offering up the Recipe (preset) that I created while processing it as a free download. I named it “Railroad Twilight” and you can grab it here (stored in Google Drive). If you use it to help process any of your images please let me know, I’d love to see it!

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