Fluid Design Workshop Images

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A few weeks back I went to a workshop for creating abstract-type fluid design photos. Here’s some of the images I’ve processed from that (you get to see just how unapologetic I sometimes am with processing).

 The Workshop

At the beginning of August friend and fellow photographer Katie Coulter gave a workshop about the technique behind her project Fluid Paintings. Even if you absolutely hate my images here be sure to check out Katie’s gallery of images on her website. She spent months perfecting the technique and the results are mind-numbingly fantastic, to say the least (and quite a bit different than the direction I went with it). See the images here: http://katiecoulter.com/fluid-paintings

As far as the workshop went there was a short explanation and demo, then we had a couple of hours to fiddle around with trying it out ourselves. The basic gist of things is that you put liquid hand soap into a glass container, then coat the end of a chopstick (or something of the sort) with a little bit of paint and swirl it around in the soap. When you do that the soap pulls some of the paint off the chopstick and makes some neat patterns. Since the soap has a rather thick viscosity the paint will take a little while to float down to the bottom. Put a snooted strobe (to get a small slice of light rather than a huge blast) right next to the edge of the container and put on a macro lens to shoot with (I was using a 50 f/1.8 with a $10 set of macro extension tubes).

The Images

Abstract isn’t really my cup of tea (seeing as I don’t drink tea) and, given that this was the first time I was doing this, things are a bit messy. Nonetheless, I think some of it turned out pretty neat. Below are the before and after processing images. All of my shots were underexposed some, so I tuned up the RAW file that I’m showing as the before shots. The after shots are with all my processing and stylization applied.

Full screen viewing and prints available for order in the Fluid Designs gallery. Finished image is the top, unprocessed is the bottom. Enjoy!

The Event Horizon Of My Imploding Heart

It’s In The Way You Move, A Slipstream Of Light When All Else Faded To Darkness

Swirling Like Stars In The Night, See The Ebb And Flow Of A Breaking Heart

Full screen viewing and prints available for order in the Fluid Designs gallery.

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