Cinemagraphs: Playing Duck Hunter For Homework

Yes, you read that right. I got to play video games for class credit. It’s alright, you can be jealous. 😀 Never before seen… The stuff I’m sharing today hasn’t been seen by anyone else yet (unless you were one of the 7 other people in my summer class). So you’re getting a sort of […]


Sunset Day!

Happy Sunset Day! Everybody loves a good sunset, right? The brilliant color display, the happy ending to a long day, the warm fuzzy feeling you get deep inside watching the sun quietly slip below the horizon. Or maybe you experience a lonely, sobering feeling as another day passes away. Either way, sundown is a special […]


Nonstop: A Black & White Miniseries

When I took my  Black & White Digital Imaging class earlier this year one of the assignments we had was a personal project. Essentially, we had to create a miniseries of images centered around something of our choosing. Here’s what I came up with. The Idea(s) The idea I first had was to do daytime […]

Fluid Design Workshop Images

A few weeks back I went to a workshop for creating abstract-type fluid design photos. Here’s some of the images I’ve processed from that (you get to see just how unapologetic I sometimes am with processing).  The Workshop At the beginning of August friend and fellow photographer Katie Coulter gave a workshop about the technique […]


Troublesome Choices

I’ve had an awful time lately trying to figure out what to write about. Not due to a lack of choices, mind you. No, rather, the trouble is that there are far too many of them. This isn’t the first time either, that I’ve had trouble figuring out which way to go because of all […]

The Spirit of Summer Series

This summer I had to take a digital imaging course and part of what I had to do was create a theme-based series of images. The theme I decided to go with focuses on capturing the “spirit of summer”. There’s two parts to how I planned on achieving this. This first part was choosing content […]


“My dear People…I shall not keep you long. I don’t know half of you as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve, but I have called you all together for a purpose. I wish to make an announcement.” To any of you who recognize […]

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